The workshop on “Empowerment of Communities through Rural Wireless Entrepreneurship” convened at the VSSU Campus, 24 PGS (S), West Bengal, served as a vital platform for SoochnaPreneurs from Assam and Bengal to acquire essential skills and knowledge for managing rural wireless networks. With a focus on leveraging PMWANI through Project Internet Roshni (BOLT2), the workshop aimed to bridge the digital divide and empower the Adivasi and Tea Tribe Community in targeted gardens across Assam and Bengal.

The session commenced with an elucidation of the PMWANI initiative’s significance in providing affordable and accessible internet connectivity to the targeted Tea Gardens of Assam and Bengal. Participants gained insights into the PMWANI framework, its key components, and specifications, along with discussions on its role in promoting digital inclusion and socio-economic development through rural entrepreneurship in garden and rural settings.

Participants were introduced to fundamental networking concepts through hands-on exercises aimed at familiarizing SoochnaPreneurs with setting up and configuring basic wireless networks. Training sessions encompassed network infrastructure components such as routers, switches, and access points.

An overview of essential network tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing network performance was provided. Demonstrations on the use of tools for network analysis and diagnostics equipped participants with practical insights into network management. Techniques for identifying common network issues, including connectivity issues, bandwidth constraints, and security vulnerabilities, were discussed. Participants learned troubleshooting methodologies and were encouraged to develop problem-solving skills to implement timely solutions.

An overview of Project Internet Roshni (BOLT2) was presented, outlining its objectives, goals, and targets. Participants gained clarity on their roles and responsibilities as SoochnaPreneurs within the project framework. In conclusion, the workshop served as a pivotal platform for SoochnaPreneurs to acquire essential skills and knowledge in managing rural wireless networks. By leveraging PMWANI and Project Internet Roshni (BOLT2), participants are poised to play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and empowering communities in Assam and Bengal.